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The Beast

The Nerd Beast


The Nerd Beast says:
  Why go out? I'd rather stay home and compile my Linux Kernel.
This is so bad ass!

The Christester Beast


The Christseter Beast says:
  Merry christmas and a happy new year!

The Coffee Beast


The Coffee Beast says:
  Oh yes, gimme da hot stuff!

The Protest Beast


The Protest Beast says:
  No more Mr. Nice Beast. Let's take it to the streets! Shout out what you don't like. Together we're strong!

The Esoteric Beast


The Esoteric Beast says:
  I forgot what to say - so it obviously wasn't that important for my personal development. But never forget to look inside yourself!

The Glutton Beast


The Glutton Beast says:
  Just rememer the wise words of the great poet Michael Jackson: Eat It! (Or do I remember this wrong)?



The philosophical Beast


The philosophical Beast says:
  Mankind sometimes thinks to be superior to animals because of the ratio, because of our intellectual abilities. However, there is something you should consider: We also have a very strong animalistic side. It is a part of us we must not suppress, or it will gain power over us. In other words: Sometimes you should